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The Trial-Tested Legal Advocate You Need In Complex Estate Litigation

Grief over the death of a loved one can bring out the best in people, but it can also enflame long-standing family tensions or result in heated disputes between heirs and beneficiaries. Even in cases where there are no major disputes per se, the estate may be so financially valuable and complex that legal intervention is necessary to bring clarity to ambiguously written provisions or to resolve other issues with estate planning documents.

If you are facing a complicated estate dispute or legal issue that could compromise a high-value estate, the attorney you choose is critical. In Brooklyn and surrounding parts of the New York City metropolitan area, the natural choice for representation is The Law Office Of Antar P. Jones, PLLC. In his more than 12 years of practice, attorney Jones has earned a reputation for providing effective legal advocacy in cases involving complex disputes, novel legal issues, high-value estates or a combination of all three.

Smart, Strategic Representation In Any Kind Of Estate Dispute

As a matter of thumb, even common and straightforward estate-related disputes should not be handled by any civil litigator who does not regularly litigate in the Surrogate’s Court. This is because Court rules make practicing in Surrogate’s Court in New York treacherous for attorneys inexperienced practicing there. Because the stakes are generally so high in litigated matters, it takes an especially skilled and experienced lawyer to successfully litigate complex and high-stakes issues in Surrogate Courts in New York State. Antar Jones represents clients in all manner of estate litigation including:

  • Contesting a will
  • Dealing with a will that has been canceled or needs to be canceled due to the language in it
  • Returning real estate and real property to the rightful beneficiaries or to the estate
  • Recovering compensation for stolen items on behalf of beneficiaries who were wronged
  • Accounting proceedings
  • Representing beneficiaries of multimillion-dollar trusts
  • Determinations of heirship
  • Removing executors or administrators of estates
  • Enjoining the sale of estate property
  • Court-supervised sale of estate-owned real estate

In addition to having a thorough and in-depth knowledge of estate law, Mr. Jones is comfortable in the courtroom and always stays calm under pressure. Throughout the duration of your case, you can expect professional representation from a competent, caring, responsive and thoughtful legal advocate.

Discuss Your Estate Litigation Needs With A Knowledgeable Attorney

If you’d like to discuss your legal options and learn more about how The Law Office Of Antar P. Jones can help you resolve your estate dispute, contact the firm in Brooklyn to schedule an initial consultation. Just call 917-920-6501 or fill out an online contact form.