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A Real Estate Attorney Serving The Diverse Needs Of Brooklyn Clients

Some attorneys who offer estate planning services have little to no experience in real estate. This is unfortunate for clients because real property is often the most valuable part of an estate. It is a smart investment to find an attorney with considerable knowledge and experience in both legal practice areas.

In Brooklyn and surrounding areas of New York, you need to look no further than The Law Office Of Antar P. Jones, PLLC. Since 2009, Mr. Jones has been helping clients with estate law, real estate and taxation matters. He is especially adept at resolving complex issues that tend to occur where these practice areas intersect one another. No matter how complicated or straightforward your needs may be, he is ready to help you find solutions.

Efficient And Skilled Real Estate Transactional Services

Attorney Jones offers a wide array of transactional real estate services including:

  • Handling complex commercial and residential transactions
  • Handling real property title transfers among heirs of estates and beneficiaries of trusts
  • Ensuring that real property is properly valued before buying or selling
  • Assisting with paperwork between mortgage lenders and property owners
  • Managing quiet title transfers on behalf of estate planning clients and their beneficiaries
  • Ensuring that real property is accounted for in applicable estate planning documents, including in trusts and wills

Mr. Jones has experience with both commercial and residential real estate and is ready to help you with either or both types of property. He can also vigorously represent your interests in a litigated real estate dispute.

How Can The Firm Assist You? Discuss Your Needs With Mr. Jones Directly.

Based in Brooklyn, The Law Office Of Antar P. Jones serves clients throughout the greater New York metropolitan area. Whether you need help with real estate, estate law or a combination of the two, Antar Jones has the experience and knowledge you’re looking for. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 917-920-6501. You can also reach out online.