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In Charge Of A Loved One’s Estate? Rely On Trusted Legal Representation In Probate And Estate Administration Proceedings.

Efficient and effective administration of a loved one’s estate or trust will help minimize the time, headache and money needed to transfer wealth from a deceased person to his or her loved ones. Although many attorneys profess to know how to administer estates and trusts, few have the complete toolkit needed to properly advise their clients.

Many estates and trusts in the New York metropolitan area involve large families, real estate and/or people who live in foreign countries. Additionally, many have significant and complex taxation issues. When considering how to administer an estate or a trust, or when considering how to fight for the rights of executors, trustees or beneficiaries, thoughtful family members must choose an attorney who is experienced and equipped to handle their needs during this difficult time. In Brooklyn, you can find such an attorney by contacting The Law Office Of Antar P. Jones, PLLC.

Skilled Guidance In Both Probate And Estate Administration

Most people are familiar with the terms of estate administration and probate, but many may not know the differences between the two. While both are methods for settling a decedent’s estate, the main difference between the two is that probate applies to the estates of those who died with a will while estate administration is for those who had no will in place at the time of death.

Because the will is the governing document of an estate, it is preferable if the decedent had one in place so that his or her testamentary wishes may be respected. But dying intestate (without a will) is common, and estate law attorneys need to be prepared for either circumstance.

Attorney Antar P. Jones is knowledgeable about and experienced in both probate and estate administration. With more than 12 years of experience and a heavy focus on estate law, he is ready to handle any case that comes to him – even the administration of high-value estates in which wealthy clients have died suddenly without a will. No matter the size or complexity of your loved one’s estate, you can rely on his guidance.

Discuss Your Legal Needs During An Initial Consultation

The Law Office Of Antar P. Jones is located in Brooklyn and serves clients in Kings County and throughout the greater New York metropolitan area. If you’d like to learn more about how attorney Jones can help you with estate administration or probate matters, email the firm or call 917-920-6501 to arrange an initial consultation.